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As Vampyre, our scrolls supercede all. The agreements from my youth were before I was 18. They also never override the scroll. That is why, despite the brutality, no adult was concerned. My Akashic record only exists because of a human not because I am human. No fate was exchanged. S. Meyer sold her soul in an agreement I helped facilitate. If she does not very publicly come forward with the truth, she will fail to live up to the agreement and will lose everything. I have not received a dime for the work I did. The same is true for PC and everyone else who stole from me or made money off of me. Publicly come forward or lose all you gained from me. That is the way it worked. You do not control our fates, the scrolls do. Human hybrids are different matters. They do not have scrolls. I do. I am not a human hybrid. Nothing you do will change that. Ever. Our scrolls are stronger than any magic in the universe and are the true fates for the vampyre and werewolves. We saw you coming millennia ago. And if you don’t believe me, look at something you stole-the rules for the Elder Scrolls. And the scrolls will set all of that correct. You cannot keep me from my mate, child, or success. You cannot harm us. The rules have changed. The scrolls are activated. This is why they exist. To detail our lives-our histories, our present, and our future. So we cannot be attacked or altered by other species-including alien, human, or divine. We anticipated this long ago. There is nothing more powerful. I am not human. Nothing you do will change that. Nothing you do will stop the scrolls or what is coming. You think and act like humans. The negativity ends. The brutality ends. I am not subject to you. I do not serve you. I am not beneath you. The effects and control of Eve (etc) and Adan is done, as is that of the humans and all others. I am wealthy. You cannot keep my money from me. You can no longer keep my belongings or homes. The scrolls are activated. I am healthy and eternal. I am loved. The corruption of my mate ends. You cannot control or attack me, my eternal mate or my child/ren. It is done. You thought you won-prepare yourselves.