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Crook, Rod & Crosier

Another word for “lituus” is “lur.” The lur is an instrument that an be used to bring people in for a meeting, for poetry but also in times of war. There are instances of using the lur in Scandinavia for ritual purposes. Lurs were also used for hearing.

Tied to the augurs and their divination was possibly the Etruscan deity named Lur. He may have been the Roman equivalent Lar, Lars, Larun or Lares- the human counterpart to the human Vesta (worshipped as gods).

A similar frond shape is found on the  Egyptian Deshret.

In my story, The Goddess Aped, the crook, rod, and crosier all serve as magical items in what is ultimately a religious-toned war of magicians.

Adding to the theory of my use for the words is that the Egyptian word for “crook” is “heka.” It also means “to rule” and “royal rule.” So one carrying these would be seen as a king of some sort.

So what were these magicians fighting for? To rule. To become true witch kings (philosopher/magician kings).

The use of the word “crook” is also notable in relation to the word “cambion” and also paintings of St. Christopher/the dog-headed, as well as Jesus surrounded by the dog-headed/werewolf with spears and shields.

It also reminds me that the serpent line may be present in the spine, as well as the DNA. Had I been more aware of this, I would have avoided school check for scoliosis and asked a physician examine my back.


The Bachal Isu/Esir