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With Horns

Through Gauguin we see that Tahiti has references not only to Eve, but also Aphrodite (Lilith).

Through Gauguin’s work and words, I also see inadvertent substantiation for some of the claims I make in my own books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon. That is, I, as the embodiment of Aphrodite, was left on the Marquesan Island and married their king. We had a child and life was idyllic until the return of Eve and relevant parties to the past. Then all hell, for lack of better terms, broke out. The white men who came with her turned the native women into prostitutes and justified it with a new god. As her name implies, Eve is a destroyer-of worlds, lives, and everything in between. What she called liberation was enslavement and devastation for a once happy people. Unfortunately, most of that history was lost or re-written but you see hints of it in the name of the young woodworker assisting Gauguin in finding the rare Rosewood-Jofeta (named after the archangel Jo