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Note: Being conscious of human members of the vampire-lifestyle community, those vampyre born as vampyre will, in future updates, be referred to as blood-born or biological. Those turned will be referred to as hybrid and all others referred to as human. The only exception will be those hybrids born as the result of genetic/laboratory/ivf experimentation and they will still be referred to as hybrid.

While the human-hybrid of a race exhibit some, if not many, traits of a natural born, they also hold the inherent weaknesses of being human. One of these is a continued attraction to humans and their culture. This desire to have humans as friends and partners only increases the threat against the vampyre race, as well as the kindred. Unfortunately, a hybrid mating with a human will only produce another human. And no permission is needed, at this time, to give the additive to children. So the birth of the child does nothing for the race other than extending a human link for the individual vampyre. In the past, the human descendants of a vampyre provided care, money, businesses, property, etc. In turn, the humans were to provide blood, armies, security, etc. for the vampyre. I have seen little of that continued reciprocity.

There is a theory that spending extended periods of time with a human, such as with a human partner, will diminish the human-hybrid to the point where he/she is once more essentially human. So, isn’t that what they would want? You would be surprised how many human-hybrids were made at their own request and not as the result of some errant feeding or lustful, lonely vampyre. This is to say nothing of what deterioration would happen to a blood-born spending extended periods of time with humans.

But what of the human? How can a human desire to be mated or partnered with a supposed monster? Remember that if it is a human-hybrid then they are still quite human and there will be a natural attraction. I cannot speak to the emotions of humans, other than to agree vampyres/kindred possess an otherworldly charm and magnetism that is meant to be irresistible. And humans, particularly the females, can overlook and forgive quite a bit in their chosen. Unlike female vampyre, human females tend toward abject jealousy/envy and are viciously competitive, even when the object of their desire will not be in their best interest.

For just as there is a price for the vampyre who chooses a human mate, there is a price for the human as well. Remember that the vampyre do not suffer from original sin, and therefore, are not subject to damnation. Our cosmology is based on our species, not a philosophy. Humans who partner with a vampyre are, for a lack of better term, damned. That means eternal spiritual suffering. You become a soulless husk. And a damned human does not reincarnate. I know, I know-What if you are an atheist and do not believe in such things? Roll the dice.

This is not to say that life with the vampyre is lacking its perks. They can be emotionally cold, self-serving and manipulative, but humans see this as strength. Vampyre love to be “worshipped” by their humans and are reasonably devoted (note-this does not mean faithful). Vampyre tend to be more prosperous, well-connected and have a strong work ethic.

Humans also have money, blood and can serve as a relatively pleasant smokescreen for the Vampyre within human society.


Does this mean humans have once more become hapless victims to the vampyre? Hardly.

It is well known that humans have been reporting on the activities, habits, knowledge, abilities and characteristics of their vampyre/kindred partners. There has also been a chemical added to human blood over the last 30 years to render them undesirable, if not poisonous, as a food source for the vampyre. In my own observations, I have seen that some non-hybrids are not rejuvenating (aging like humans), while others are remaining quite youthful. The rejuvenating vampires seem concentrated on the East Coast. I have yet to remember why this is but I am trying. That being said, the dangers of the additive would also be true in any organ-meat source for the werewolf. And I have seen an increase in werewolves binging on chemical-laden cereals and other carbs that could ultimately prove detrimental to their health, but are otherwise necessary for energy. Without care, these behaviors could ultimately mean the end of the vampyre and werewolf races.

Nor does this address the genetically modified humans intentionally spliced with vampyre and werewolf dna in various laboratories found in Utah, Hawaii and Mexico, etc. Hybrids who were the human attempt to replace actual vampyres and werewolves.

Does this mean I want the vampyre and kindred to be lonely, hinder their natural passions or otherwise compromise themselves? Absolutely not. There are plenty of cases of the kind(s) having companion humans. And it may be a necessary middle-ground until natural female populations recover. However, it is an intermediary measure–not a life choice.

One must remember that the vampyre and humans are completely different species. Think of this in terms of a hyena and a dog. The hyena looks to be related to other canine species, but a dog is Canis lupus familiaris while the hyena is Crocuta Crocuta. So why can breeding work in human-hybrids? For the same reason dingos can mate with dogs. The dingo is species Canis lupus dingo.  For the human-hybrid, the connection is that he or she was once completely human and still retains not only those traits, desires and habits, but also strong remnants of the dna. Thus, they crave human and can easily mate with humans.

There is no escaping the human condition.

What if your vampyre has not turned you? A human-hybrid may feel quite comfortable living as a human with you and feel no need to turn you. After all, who doesn’t need a fairly platonic best friend? However, if your vampyre is non-hybrid, I would ask yourself some questions? Do you have substantial assets/life insurance/other resources they need or want? If not, you a pit-stop in their eternal serial monogamy.  Why else would a non-hybrid marry a human?

I am sure by now you are screaming, “But, Nicole, it’s true love, and I have a thousand ways I can prove you are wrong.” Yes, I am sure you are gorgeous, successful, interesting and an absolute catch. Regardless, this situation is like a rhino joining a buffalo.

Your legal marriage, children, weekly tango lessons and nightly meal prep are important but hold less weight for a vampyre.

The life you are living gives you a false sense of security. You are judging your commitment with a human lens.

So doesn’t this mean that a human-hybrid has more in common with humans and should align with them? Biologically, yes, they do. However, each human-hybrid faces a choice. They must choose to live as a vampyre or choose to live as a human. Often they try to straddle both worlds and end up horribly depressed or self-medicating.

While we look similar, vampyre/kindred do not serve at the will of humanity, nor are we beholden to human beings. We do not adhere to human logic or human standards. Nor do we feel a need to explain ourselves or prove our existence to anyone. Our lifestyles, traditions and rules fall outside of human boundaries. We are sovereign beings free of original sin and karma. The vampyre world spans multiple dimensions, planes and timelines. And we are adherent to the laws and customs of our kind.

The existence of the vampyre may appear to be reliant upon, at the mercy of or in conjunction with that of the Children of Eve. However, outside of potential blood needs and some socio-economic symbiosis. As previously stated, it is a completely separate cosmology and existence. It is with the kindred that the vampyre are extended family and community. One could say vampyre live among humans but are not of them.

Given that I was in a slumber-state since 1991, I have missed much of the development in human/vampire crossover. Back in the early ’90s, we did much to keep our world secret and there were few who embraced it outside of Dracula fans and goth kids. From what I have understood thus far, there are several groups of humans that partake of vampire culture. Humans identifying as vampire within role-playing games who have dedicated characters, “powers,” clans, etc. Lifestylers are those humans that enjoy and embody the vampire aesthetic. Living vampires who are humans but feed on blood and/or psychic energy. And then there are the fans of vampire literature, film, etc. These can, and do, have overlap.

However, one needs only to look at the social media platforms to see how willing and desperate humans are to join the ranks of a world and kind they can never truly be or fully understand. For even the human-hybrid must relinquish all vestiges of their humanity in order to become a vampyre. Does this mean they become senseless, unethical killing machines? No, it means they now live fully as a vampyre and leave their human lives, traits and selves behind.

Accordingly, if your vampyre has turned you, then you are now a human-hybrid with a choice to make. And this is the moment when you may find the human world to be not only unbearably enticing, but also more forgiving.