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This should also be known as the Star of Aphrodite.

Rarely has there been seen such a distinct and focused smear campaign other than against God himself, as there has been against the Goddess Aphrodite. This was likely in concert with the rise of the male-dominant Abrahamic religions, but there is significant evidence that Aphrodite was not the minor love goddess that she is portrayed as but rather a powerful deity of sex, love, war and life itself. She was a sea deity known for her passion and protection. Remnants and artifacts of her worship have been found in a number of ancient sites and are still being discovered today.

The most obvious parallel between the Inanna in the underworld myth is that of Hades and Persephone. However, I would argue that it is actually an expression of the triple goddess/triune. Aphrodite had to subside while Hecate took primary role for dealings with her realm and her counterpart/consort, Hades.