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In my book, The Goddess Aped, my theory is that the “Atlantean society” originated from a land mass that was once attached to South America. A part broke off from the East and a part broke off from the West. The people from the East migrated to Africa and then up to the Middle East, Asia, etc. but also went South and ended up in modern Siberia. The people from the West also went in two directions.One group went West to Japan, parts of Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe. The other part of the group went South and ended up in the Baltic states (including modern Norway, Finland, etc).

When the Western island’s inhabitants fled, they did so to land around the “Ring of Fire.” This, along with trade, would explain why there are so many cultural similarities between groups, tribes, and countries with significant geographical distance between them. From the “Ring of Fire” groups pushed North/East and West to meet in the middle (Europe and North Africa). As people pushed into mainland South America, it also could have encouraged native Brazilians move across to Africa and they populated the Western and Central continent.  One hint of this is the naming of Guyana in South America and Ghana in Africa. They have completely different meanings but a similar sound.

Many from both islands also pushed North into Mexico and southern North America while there were also groups who went South and entered North America from the North. The migration formed more of a clasped hand or clam shell shape.

This helps to shed light on why some of the oldest mummies in the world have been found in Nevada and Chile.  I would guess that there are still some in between those two ages of mummies to still be found within Central America or Mexico.

I also do not believe that these groups necessarily got along as there is evidence that at least some people were hunted. They likely moved father North, as you can see similarities in the folk traditions of Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and France. This is particularly evident in the fairy and elven traditions of these countries. One could argue that this is a more modern phenomenon but I believe it is a reflection of their earliest origins-even among aboriginal tribes.

What is my proof of this? Copper.

It is the Atlantean metal. And gold combined with copper becomes one of my favorite and preferred metal-rose gold, while the combination of copper and silver becomes my other favorite, sterling silver.

This may also explain why so many former Germans/members of the Nazi party left for Argentina. Political asylum and welcome aside, it could have also been to continue research into the Atlantean Society and any connections to South America. The geographical proximity to Peru and Chile is also interesting since those areas have reports of numerous UFO sightings.