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The Vere

In Gold ‘n Silver, I describe that Nicholas is present during part of a formal witch process, as well as my starfire ceremony. The whole event leaves him with a profound disrespect for Wicca since it was Wiccan priests and priestesses that lead to or exacerbated many of the problems I experienced when I was unable to physically prove my ancestry and find that my training in Wicca was inadequate as a defense against Voodoo and Santeria.

Being left in a position of danger, Nicholas agrees not to tell anyone of my being a “pure” female. He tells the group that there are rumors of one or two others existing in Europe so in his books and interviews, he simply mentions those two going forward and hints at a third. In reality, there turns out to be one other suspected in Europe and then me in the United States.The one in Europe had gotten some of my blood and was using it to strengthen their claim of being a vampyre. At the time, there were a number of hybrid females and they were investigating reports of others.

Photos and art of me, being used by those humans taking advantage of the situation, still clearly looked like me, but had to be altered so as to not be easily attributed. The key was so that I could not be tracked down. However, in the end, I was part of early gang-stalking (tracking and reporting for money) and that tracking by humans turns into a form of civilian and scientific psy-ops and abuse.

Without knowing the outcome of the experiments and cloning, I could only count on my observations and those were limited to where I could travel. My leaving the West Coast had been purposely limited but I was not aware of it for the last 30 years. I saw what looked to be hybrid males but no females.

In the end, by the time I awoke, every indication was my not merely being the only full-blooded vampyre female left, but the last female of my kind.

Getting to the truth of the matter, speaking it and living it was, and is, the core of being of The Vere.

Rather than pointing to De Vere as a possible secret heir to the throne, I believe that a different kind of heir is being pointed to and it is a supernatural one. There is the star of Venus touching to the initials that spell out HIS. Additionally, it is conveyed in the story of the Fisher King that Joseph of Arimathea was fixated on the concept of the Trinity and the third descendant. This could be the third “race” of descendant if he had many or one who contained three different “races” from birth. It is Bron who instructs that certain portions of the tales only be told to a third of Arimathea’s descendants. Who is he leaving out? And why?