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Most author’s books carry disclaimers that the literary work is based on fictional characters and events.

However, throughout history, many families have unwittingly found their names and stories on pages written by others.

Here are a few examples of similarities in names from my lineage.

Readers can do their own sleuthing and come to their own conclusions.

   The character Charles LaFont, in the House of Night series, is said to be based on Tulsa mayor, Bill LaFortune.

   We have the Fortune family in our line, including William Fortune.


In the Fortune line is the Cullons family.



And Edward Swann is also in the Fortune line.

The Swann last name also appears in Pirates of the Carribean.

The Black family are also in our line via the Givens and Hamilton’s.







My great-great grandmother’s name was Arabella “Bella” Givens.

I also have 11 pages of ancestors with the name “Isabella.”

The Young line (through Violetta Huddleston-to whom I give praise and thanks) also includes the first woman executed for witchcraft in the United States-Alce Young.

Her line came from Connecticut and a popular vampire book author’s family may have originated there also.

I moved to Whidbey Island in 1982 and lived there off-and-on until 2004. My grandparents lived in Port Angeles and also on Whidbey.

My great-uncle Earl (Arabella’s son) lived in Alaska.

And somewhere out there is an original handwritten manuscript (at least partially written in my blood) with my signature scrawled on pages and my thumbprint left to prove the words and story were mine-in more ways than one.

An aunt, uncle and cousins of mine (via my sisters and step-father) has the last name of Heffernan.

Another similarity is that in my life was a wolven male named Old Bird. He had another male he was raising they called Monkey and a female named Diana. In Twilight there is Old Quill (likely known as Old Feather in ms revision) and in House of Night is the Redbird last name and Zoey is known as Little Bird. Of course the author could say she was influenced by Twilight but it is just another “coincidence” for readers to consider.

I have long held that Stephenie Meyer has never read the books in the Twilight series. Hope she doesn’t forget about this when STEPHENIE MEYER CREATES AND WRITES the new Twilight world, rules, and mythology. What I have written is NOT available to her nor to be used by her or her associates. Mythology is NOT her thing.

I will absolutely be watching and will take legal action against ANYTHING that she tries to use or lift from my life,  this website, or my work.