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Good Surf-


So many humans want to steal from me or be me. It is weird. What is weirder is that they think they will get away with it.

I get it. These people have a Washington connection in an idea they riffed decades ago. Experience they don’t really have that will be reversing. And, of course, cash–lots of it.

They also know that me awakening in 2021 brought all that to an end. Did they stop? Nope.They decided to do it again.

Guess I better try out their other business before the ramifications of their theft sets in and their house of cards falls.

But let’s avoid what sounds like crazy sauce and look to one of the PR places that they intended to announce in but forgot to change the name with. Those pieces are usually slated automatically based on copy provided by the company.

Their original intended name? Good WAVE.

Not Good Surf. They riffed that from ME.

Want proof? Here ya go.