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Shadow People

I’ve experienced shadow people since I was 13. When they first entered my life, the encounters were with dark shadows. They liked to follow me or sit on my bed. One time I believe one even tried to push me. On another occasion, I woke up in the middle of the night to find one on my chest.

These became less frequent over the years but even my youngest sister saw one. It was approximately 1993-1994 and we were living by the high school in Oak Harbor, Washington. My sister asked for the TV Guide and I told her it was in my room. She went back to my room and then hurried to find me in the living room. When I asked what was wrong, she told me that a shadow of a person was standing by my window.

I would often see lots of them around my walls and moving through rooms. They became more annoying than anything.

In 2011, I was watching a movie with a male and it suddenly stopped. I went into the kitchen area and found that the plug to my internet had been pulled out of the wall. He blamed my dogs so I had them in the living room with us. Shortly after starting the movie again, it stopped. The cord was out of the wall again and this time thrown further than before. During that same time, I also heard the bathroom door slam when no one was there. Later that night, I saw a male figure in the doorway of my bedroom. He looked to be about 5′ 6″-5′ 7.”

The most disturbing incident happened around 2019-2020. I was in my room sleeping. In my dream, I saw the figure people call “Hat man.” He was in a fedora and walking toward me. Beside him was a tall male figure that looked to be bald. They were just black shadows. As they got closer both peered down at me and I started screaming. I said in the name of the Lord, I rebuked them. Then I heard a thud and felt pain in my legs. I woke up to find myself standing on the floor, beside my bed, and I was still screaming.