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I was a cheerleader briefly at Oak Harbor High School in Oak Harbor, WA, and then for my Junior Year for Varsity at McQueen High School in Reno, NV. All evidence and record of this was erased. If it were not for my diploma and transcript, there would be no documentation of my having ever attended either school. I was erased from the McQueen yearbook for that year and my Letterman jacket was stolen from me. I want that record fixed, my photos placed in a yearbook reprint, copies of the photos given to me, and my Letterman jackets returned to me.

All of that aside, I tear up when I think about cheerleading. It was and remains a passion of mine. My squad was important to me, as were our athletes and players.

One thing I find interesting is that a lot of newer cheerleaders clap their fists into their hands. This is not the way I learned to cheer clap.

While I did more dance and classic cheer than stomp and shake, I do clap like the tutorial below.