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Aphrodite’s Girdle

In my book. The Goddess Aped, the girdle of Aphrodite looked more like drab early underwear with intricately tied knots. The knots were so intricate and difficult to undo that the lovers were driven almost mad in trying to get the garment off. It was said to entrance any male who saw it because the garment was so unusual and made them wonder what was beneath it and why she was being kept hidden. Zeus himself was said to have threatened to cut the fabric from Hera’s body but found it was indestructible. This would be surprising on its own but the garment was also made of silk and much softer than the linen or wool worn by other women. Aphrodite’s body was covered by the fabric almost like a soft breeze.The male was so close but she was unreachable. Utterly unattainable.  The girdle was essentially a kinky chastity belt meant to make the male work desperately for his conquest.

Over time, the concept developed further into the seven veils (with dance) and the vampyric satin (silk) ties on the wrist.

While they could be infused with magick when needed, it was more the touch of the fabric, the exotic dance, and the allure of seductive anticipation.

Aphrodite also had what most humans lack-unbridled innate sexual energy and passion. Her hunger and appetite for sex matches and sometimes rivals males but she is also pure and innocent. This does not necessarily equate with virginal. It is her natural combination and mix of sin, lust, innocence, and purity that drive their need to complete her, seduce her, and claim her becomes all-consuming.

Some females, like Hera, resort to trying to dress like Aphrodite or act like her in order to engage the males the same way. When imitated, the qualities of Aphrodite are forced and fake so they are inadequate substitutes. Hera finds this as Zeus loses his interest, despite the belt, and begins to wander again. How else did Aphrodite know it had failed? She had given Hera a duplicate she had made of linen. The original was hidden far away where no one could find it.

Now, in The Goddess Aped, Eve plots a plan to replace Aphrodite completely, steal her gifts/qualities, and drink of her blood to become her. Eve and Adan had been collecting the belts of the original werewolves to have their power but realized Aphrodite’s was the original belt and held the true power so that belt was coveted most of all.

However, once they got the actual belt, they also realized Eve/Hera was having a placebo effect. The belt held no power outside of being used by Aphrodite. So the belt was eventually passed down to Thomas and held as a relic. It is believed, by the devout, to assist fertility and curing disease.

Since the belt was taken, Aphrodite evolved to no longer need it-just as she no longer needed the worship or belief of humans.

Yet modern Eve, Ava, and Eva had to take it even farther. And now there are humans claiming to be other versions of the gods. Some even go so far as to get surgery to look like Aphrodite.

Again, they all failed.

What about rumors that garment separated the breasts much like a modern bra? These were worn, both under and over clothes, but that is not the girdle.

Could it have been just a belt? There are statues and paintings with her wearing just a belt, just a hat, etc. In my story, those are not the girdle. For that matter, they could have just said it was her magic cloak, towel, or blanket since she was depicted that way also.

Ancient Roman Underwear