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Inspired by her own life and studies, Nicole writes what she lives—modern dark fiction.

The author of Witch of Whidbey and The Mack Morgan Mysteries, her forthcoming novels, NVVN and Gold ‘n Silver,are fictional accounts of her experiences during the early ’90s, when many knew her as Zoey or Nico.

With her background in journalism, she writes about speculative history, mythology/folklore, music and surf culture.

She is also writing a mythology series including Unmei, Goddess Aped, Lost Whore of Babylon, and The Fallen Goddess.

Her U.S./UK book reviews can be found at Baba Yaga’s Book Club ( and anything relating to Vampyre/Goth/Kindred culture and Vampire/Kindred media can be found here with Vox Nocturne (Vox Nox).

Having lived up and down the West Coast, her home is currently in the City of Roses.