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Interestingly, the town seems to be kind of a hodge podge homage to Scandanavia.

I do not know this practitioner but I would be hesitant of anyone who has been a Wiccan for 20 years and owns their own witchcraft store only recommending Buckland or directing people to the library rather than her own offerings on which she could then answer questions or give guidance based on her training. When referring to the library, I would have mentioned more books or more about the different traditions of Wicca. She could have also developed and offered a basic reading list for those new to Wicca. 

Also, her fiction references Aeon so she may actually be a Thelemite masquerading behind Wicca. Always ask questions.

While not universal, purple doors have been used to signify that a witch lives in a home or it is friendly to witches. The color purple is associated with royalty and psychics due to the early Egyptians and Merovingians who were both and hunted for such. -Nicole Anstedt

And namesake city, Minot Corner in Maine.