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Double Pyramid

My cosmology will differ from most. With the concept of As Above, So Below, I see “heaven” and “hell” as mirrored complements of one another. This creates an octahedron from two tetrahedrons (double pyramid). The middle plane of the octahedron is the realm of man. With the Star of David, the two dimensions are layered upon one another. In a basic calculation, 6+6+6=18 (9). The number 18 in Hebrew means “life.” In Greek this could equate to “Zoe,” but in Hebrew, people have postulated that it means many things. In my belief system, it means Eve (or the one who later called herself Eve). She was said to have been anointed by Adam but is, in fact, against all that is of Adam, Lilith and Samael. Seeing the Fallen as displeasing to God, Eve finds them equally so. Thus, she stands as the anti-anointed, or anti-Christ.

The figure that the octahedron can become is the rhombic dodecahedral and is also known as the honeycomb.

At Dashur, the “Bent” pyramid is also known as a double pyramid .

The angle for this pyramid is 54º 27’44” and that coordinates with the Gulf of Guinea.

And I believe this passage refers directly to Eve. As a founder of Judaism, along with her son, Eve claims God as her husband. This is in direct conflict and challenge to Aphrodite being the Queen of Heaven. But it also makes her the “mother” of Jesus. And, in my book, The Goddess Aped, she is actually step-mother to Jesus. It is believed that Joseph would have been near his 80s when Jesus was born. It is very likely that the virgin “Mary” was taken as a wife by Joseph when her husband died. This was possibly the death of Adam. If Jesus was actually the son of her “sister,” then it would make sense that the virgin Mary claimed God as her actual husband.

Joseph disappears from the Bible around the time Jesus is 12. This is extremely common among werewolf. They developed a “one in, one out” rule supposedly to prevent fights over territory. Typically this meant the male child was sent to live with other family members or was adopted out. This is an antiquated rule that sometimes resulted in the adult male’s death and the loss of knowledge and guidance for the troop/colony. The rule only benefited humans and was likely started during or immediately after the uprising.

This being Eve is also supported by a relief or depiction of a lion goddess clasping or hugging Snefru. As I believe Hestia/Anuket/Anaket (Ana/Cat) was actually Eve as goddess embodiment, it is likely the bent pyramid was related to her.