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Eve & Eva

You may have heard of the many faces of Eve. There were, in fact, seven different iterations of the first (not Lilith Aphrodite but based on her). This is where you also come to the myth of the seven daughters or seven sisters.

While currently lost to my memory, there was likely ideas had by Samael and Adan that they would take two of these iterations of Eve and discard me.

However, God is clever and made it so none of those females can reproduce. And neither Samael nor Adan Adam were to reproduce with human females. So when it was found that they could, God ensured the offspring would only be human.

Even with science, the most produced with any being has been a temporary hybrid situation-completely human by the second generation.

But Lilith Aphrodite was willing to walk away from both Adan Adam and Samael, so why was she followed? First, the jealousy of all four to witness Lilith Aphrodite able to thrive without them. Second, the knowledge that Eva and Eve had that both Adan Adam and Samael truly loved Lilith Aphrodite and would forever ache for her-this was especially true for her mate, Samael. Third, without magick, neither Eva nor Eve could keep their beauty, youth or the males. They were destined for eternal life and death-a neverending cycle of aging and decay. Finally, they had been angels together. Perhaps there was a brotherly or fatherly need to check on her and, at times, even protect her from the humans and Eve/Eva.

However, in my book, American Flats, Eve and Eva agree to not come back. If Adan Adam and Samael followed them, that would release Lilith Aphrodite to live life on her terms and to finally find love that did not want to use or hurt her. For Lilith Aphrodite, watching Samael and Adan Adam with human females and even with (the golems) Eve and Eva was extremely painful. They continually chose lesser beings over her and desired to be sullied by them. It was time for change.

At times Eva and Eve acted as sisters/twins while others they posed as mother/daughter. Eve preferring to mature into a wise crone and Eva remaining the youthful maid. Neither able to be a mother by womb and thus would by choice-adopting the lost and forgotten as their own. The question was what kind of mother they were to these “lost boys” (their “children” tended to be adoring and protective males).

Of course, Eve and Eva were charming and looked similar to Lilith Aphrodite in their own way as they were made in her image. And, with magick, could temporarily exceed her ability to tempt or give the illusion of supreme beauty. This was not a condition they could permanently retain so they would employ various human females as their “daughters” or “daughters of the night” and teach them how to beguile Adan Adam and Samael.  Adan Adam and Samael would often then parade them and their love for those two while Eve and Eva declared they were winners of some game only they were playing.

Then Eve and Eva often found themselves in competition with the humans and lost. Human females would turn on them and try to take any magick, belongings, property, money, etc. they had in order to have the love and attention of Adan Adam and Samael permanently. Each lifetime, Eva committed suicide to preserve her beauty (Persephone) and that would leave Eve (Demeter) on her own and seeking out Lilith Aphrodite for companionship.  But Lilith Aphrodite had no interest in Eve or her money and connections.

The humans would lose interest in Adan Adam and Samael as there was no “hunger” or “thirst” for competition. While both males are confident and charismatic, they are less desirable to humans than other humans. They have also developed rather negative and toxic relationship and personality traits. And sometimes both were even hunted either by Eve/Eva and/or the humans and other beings. Also, the humans always came to find they actually had nothing in common with Samael or Adan Adam (or vice versa), got absolutely no sexual or emotional satisfaction from the relationship, and mainly occupied their time with the banal in favor of material comfort.

In the destruction of it all, facing what life he had once more made, Samael would then realize who he truly loved and again seek out Lilith Aphrodite for redemption.

This time, there would be none. She had changed. Lilith Aphrodite would compete for no male or to prove herself worthy. As a goddess and vampyre, she was already powerful, gorgeous and worthy of true love with an incredible male. The other two were animated replicas-no soul, no true essence.

He would love only Lilith Aphrodite or waste away in his loneliness and grief-standing before the shadow of what he once was and all he could have been.