The Kindred are those who are also of the tree along with the vampyre. This would include the fey/elven, witches, dragons, werewolves, etc.

As an ancient being, depending on the type of bloodline, one can inherit a legacy that includes not only additional abilities but also certain lineage , status/titles and responsibilities that are considered by humans to be mythical or purely fictional. These traits are typically experienced by the natural-born of their kind and not those who are “turned” or hybrid-human.

Given the inherent power and perceived privilege associated with these gifts, the vampyre bestowed upon is often subject to the greed, envy and violent weakness of individuals who feel entitled to steal or otherwise possess all that the vampyre is and has. If the duties and obligations that come with the inheritance were not enough to contend with, the vampyre must be ever vigilant with associates, lovers, etc. as any could be involved in a plot to rob, hurt or destroy them. There are entire orders devoted to that very task.

While the hybrid-human of a race exhibit some, if not many, traits of a natural born, they also hold the inherit weaknesses of being human. One of these is their continued attraction for humans. This desired to have humans as friends and partners only increases the threat against the vampyre. And, unfortunately, the hybrid mating with a human will only produce another human. There is also a theory that spending extended periods of time with a human, such as with a human partner, will diminish the human-hybrid to the point where he/she is once more essentially human. This speaks nothing to the chemical added to the blood of humans over the last 30 years to render them undesirable, if not poisonous, as a blood source. Without care, these behaviors ultimately mean the end of the vampyre race.

One must remember that the vampyre do not serve at the will of humanity nor are we beholden to human beings. We do not adhere to human logic or ways of life. Nor do we feel a need to explain ourselves or prove our existence to anyone. Our customs, traditions and rules fall outside of human boundaries. We are sovereign beings free of original sin and karma. The vampyre world spans multiple dimensions, planes and timelines. And we are adherent to the laws and customs of our kind.

The existence of the vampyre may appear to be reliant upon, at the mercy of or in conjunction with the Children of Eve but, in fact, is a symbiotic relationship with the Kindred. The Kindred are our extended family. Among the human vampire-lifestyle community, this is often referred to as vamily.