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Kore & Persephone


I am fairly surprised that modern pagans and witches worship Persephone.

In The Goddess Aped, Persephone is a human that has taken the status of a goddess in order to be worshiped but she isn’t a goddess at all. In fact, she is Eve.

And modern witches equate Persephone with death and hell. They are incorrect.

Where they do have something in correct is that Eve is being aided by a magician and has been taught witchcraft.

She wanted to fashion herself into Persephone to go after the realm of one of the triple goddess housed within my embodiment-Hecate.

Clearly, Kore/Persephone wanted to be the queen of heaven and hell.

My theory is this remains the work of Eve.


This is interesting in light of Perseus. Coincidence, name-sake or the same mythological being.

No, I do not think Persephone is Perse or her offspring or even an oceanid. I think she got the voice of a mermaid/siren like Aphrodite and either destroyed it so Aphrodite’s true love could not hear her or she took it to use on him and get other advances from it. There was only one person who was ever referenced as being able to do a ton of things including sing well and I never met her. My former co-worker mentioned a woman named Renee. Who is to say? I would guess that Eve had also been gothic or punk when I was. 

Eve is like the Disney Urusla.

However, it is the triple goddess who is the original sea witch and Eve knew that was Aphrodite so she had to catch her as she was being reborn but before she re-gained her knowledge. And for that incarnation, Eve did not find Aphrodite in the sea, she found her near the rocks on Cyprus. And never gave her voice back.

What is the prince’s name in Disney’s The Little Mermaid? Eric.

What is the name of the vampyre Zoey is in love with in the House of Night series? Erik.

But we have to ask, is his real name Erech or is that a name Eve changed and filled in? Lots of people have fallen for her sob stories, her promises, her money and her charms only to meet their end. I keep an open mind on these things rather than seeing them as Providence.

What I will concede to is that Eve likely knew both the author of the House of Night series and the creator of the Disney Little Mermaid concept.

fem. proper name, from Latin Ursula, diminutive of ursa “she-bear” (see ursine).

And Eve, as Ursula, demanded to be put among the stars as a human queen.

Remember, there is no record of Eve’s death. These actions are not in memory of. They are the active workings of Eve and her descendants.

If Eve could not be a she-wolf, she would be a she-bear. And if you remember the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, perhaps she decided to take out that mama bear and join a near family. But there is also the “bear” family of King Arthur. But what does his name become synonymous with? Pendragon.

Eve brings nothing but pestilence and pain due to her curse from god.

In my own life, I had dreams of being stalked by a large grizzly bear. There was one dream where the bear came through my bedroom window.

A woman here has the license plate Ursula but she likely just means she is a sea witch. However, I did not see her face and it would not surprise me if Eve was also into classic cars. That is the strange play between Eve and I. I have interests but do not have the need to show them to the hilt. From her “perspective” (meaning when she spreads the word and tells others), I am all talk. What she fails to tell them is about the spellwork, hypnosis, psychological warfare, etc. she and her kind are trying to do and all of the impediments and blockages they put in my way.

Eve will then dial hers to “11” to look like the real deal.

Her authenticity is derived by how passionately she throws herself into her facades. I don’t think Eve can actually know who she is because she was a creation-a golem. She simply latches on (“the clasper”) and copies. And when people finally see what she is doing and who she really is and that she has the mark of being stricken by God, it is usually too late and neither their disgust nor remorse can save them.

I propose that the mortal princess Koronis evolves after her “death” into the maiden Kore and then into the goddess Persephone. It is interesting that a lover of Koronis is Iskis, as I believe this mortal eventually evolves herself into the goddess Isis.

There are some sources that indicate Coronis was actually a male and that the King associated with Koronis, Phle’gyas, had no children. This would leave in question the name of Apollo’s lover but it was likely some version close to Kore or Kora. She was perhaps the daughter of Coronis. Another candidate could be Alcestis, the daughter of Pelias. She has ties to the story of Persephone and had married King Admetos (which means “untameable.”).

Admetos could be seen as a form or root of the name, “Adam.”


This push of Adam and Eve to lands of the West could also be related to the goddess Hesperia. Her name means “western lands.” A variant of this name, Hespera, is documented as one of the nymphs of the Hesperides. This would become important not only in the story of the Golden Apple, but also with the Sons of Tureann.

Further, based on the Turkish meaning of Kora (“ember” and “coal”), I believe that this same mortal that evolves into Persephone is the same goddess as Hestia/Vesta. The word “Hestia” means “hearth” or “fireside” and she is depicted as a virginal goddess. Kora is described as a maiden and Persephone is “the maiden” before being abducted by Hades.


Also of note is that Hestia, Athena and Artemis are virginal goddesses and are granted their powers directly from Zeus. Hestia is granted being goddess of the hearth due to her devotion to Zeus. Athena, goddess of wisdom and intelligence, is born of Zeus. Artemis, whose name may mean “butcher,” is goddess of the hunt, wild animals and chastity.

They may, in fact, be the same goddess with different origin stories and functions.

So what of Hera?

Interestingly, Persephone becomes the goddess of marriage-a role reserved for Hera. Hera is considered the wife and sister of Zeus. If Zeus and Hera are also Adama and Eve, this might take their story back to Alcestis and Admetus.

Given that Persephone was with Athena and Artemis when she was taken, I would postulate that these were different forms of not only these virginal goddesses, but also Hestia and that she transformed into Persephone when she went to the underworld. This would be similar to the transformation of Koronis if she became Kore or Kora after “death.”  And so we have the link from Koronis all the way through to Persephone. What is not known, however, is how she would have been transformed from the mortal Koronis to the immortal goddesses unless it was payment Zeus made for her spending time with Hades. 

Immortality aside, in looking at Maori etymology of “kore,” it means “zero,” “nil,” or “absent.” Could this mean that she was granted immortality as an otherwise mortal companion to Hades but lacks any real power and is not a true goddess? As you will see in the evolution of the Greek goddesses through to queens declaring themselves as goddesses, such as with Queen Hatshepsut to the goddess Isis, whose name means “Queen of the Throne.” And from these origins all the way through to the Virgin Mary.

And, if that is the case, was it truly Aphrodite who cast the spell on Hades or did Kore/Hestia plan the whole thing in order to become the “Queen of Underworld?”

It is the theory of my book, The Fallen Goddess, that there there has been one mortal following and harassing the embodiment of the goddess Aphrodite throughout time.  This has resulted in everything from the accusation of murdering Adonis to opening Pandora’s box. My belief is this mortal has perpetrated all of these events with the help of a magician. And could it have actually been Hephaestos and the mortal Kore/Hestia who were Adam and Eve as one story has Zeus fighting off the advances of Hephaestos against Hera. Could he have made Kore/Hestia/Hesperia? Did this then evolve into Hespera/Hesperia and Hestia? Or even Athena, as a “created” goddess? Are all of these “goddesses” actually the manifestation of one mortal? Perhaps it is this mortal’s hope that if the goddess is eliminated, she will be granted the true state of having powers, immortality, the worship of mortals and the complete love of the god married to the goddess. She would then, in fact, be the one mortal to not only defy death but also defy God.


And, in this, do we have the true source of the human Milesian pursuit of the supernatural Tuatha de Danann that has persisted to this day?