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Beta Reads Completed

I utilize Beta Readers. Some have read my work more extensively than others. Since some of my work has been lifted from, I will provide documentation of the Beta Readers names to show that my ideas and stories were seen by others.

Lee Murray (HWA Mentorhship Program)-First ten chapters Witch of Whidbey.

Ashley Loudermilk-initial manuscript for Witch of Whidbey

Claire Elliott/Globe Plotters-First ten chapters Witch of Whidbey.

(Globe Plotters included: Buenconsejo, Singh, Carver, Hall, Elliot, Anstdt-Henneman, and Theriot.)

Donna Glee Williams-First 10 pages Witch of Whidbey.

Drew Clarke-First three chapters Mack Morgan.

Polar Bear Editing /Jeanette Spohn (and anonymous beta reader through Beta Reader Roulette/NDA was to be signed)-Mack Morgan