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From a metagalactic perspective of my ancient mythologies, the original individual vessels (arks) that the angels arrived in came from a mothership docked in intermediary space.  The intermediary space exists between multiple dimensions but is also a physical manifestation of an actual structure. This vessel was known as HVN-00.

Their arrival followed the building of this smaller sized spiral galaxy approximately 13 Billion years ago. Within that galaxy, a number of astronomical features were also created-including planets. All of these planets were once inhabitable by humanoid life. And each is in a different stage of post-human occupation. The planet known as earth is the last of the planets created in this solar system, and the only one known to still be able to sustain humans.

Subsequent vessels from other beings/galaxies also eventually arrived in this solar system. These were unmanned ships but contained live humanoid samples. The vessels were HMN-01 and HMN-02. It is believed that the names of the ships were seemingly patterned on HVN-00 to try to infer some sort of connection or attachment. All human systems have, to date, maintained the binary markers of 1 and 2. These two separate original humanoid species were capable of procreating with one another in order to generate a mix of the first two. However, the origins of the species experimentation was never identified. As such, subsequent vessels arrived with updated and evolved patterns of the humanoid species that replaced and/or otherwise terminated the previous arrivals.

While some maintain that Adan Adam created the species in his image, this is untrue. He only did so for the prototypes of Eve as they were not yet humanoid in appearance. Given that the archangels were humanoid and identified as two males and one female, the humans shared in their origin story. Hence, the mythos of the human species is that they are instead fashioned in the image of their god.

Following exile from the initial settlement, most humans were landlocked and did not travel for some time.  Food was abundant through animals, trees, etc. Non-humans lived on an island collective known as Atlantis. Their Atlantean culture was named after a collapsed galaxy and dead planet that many once inhabited, The species remained separate until humans began to travel by sea. Prior to this, select small groups or individual guardians would travel to check on humans from afar.