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Pearls Before Swine

“The world was our oyster, but it spit us out.”

-Nicole Anstedt (in some incarnation or another)

As you know, Portland was founded by and for vampyre.

There is a neighborhood in Portland known as The Pearl District. One could easily dismiss this as being named after a person or pearls found in the sea but it ties back to Aphrodite as goddess of the vampyre.

The story of the Vermeer painting, “Girl with A Pearl Earring” (1665) ties back to this also. During the period of the 1600s, known as the Renaissance, there were vampyre and werewolf privateers and explorers hitting the open seas. While they had escapades and fiascos on land as well, their group likened themselves to bandits or pirates.

They were trained assassins, dignitaries, artists, swordsmen, philosophers, rebels, sorcerers, and supernatural. That is not to say there were no humans among them as it is not my job to tell you who was or was not supernatural. Observant readers will also notice that many of them have similar facial features.

Regardless, all loyal to Aphrodite and their league wore pearls. And those who belonged to the most elite of the group wore one pearl earring. When in “civilized” society, they wore white pearls and when around other “rogues,” their pearls turned to black.

While she was to remain anonymous, the loyalty and allegiance of this woman is evident.

Did this grand period last forever? No.

For where there is innovation and creativity, there is eventually Eve, Eva, or Ava or one of their ilk (including, at times, Adan) trying to co-opt, steal, or benefit from the idea, concept, or venture. Once they did, the narrative would change to the concept being completely of their making and they would change words ever so slightly to prove it so. With their influence with humans, those stories would endure while the true origins would fade into the past.