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The Fates

The fates, or Moirai, are often regarded as an expression of the Triple Goddess. This is interesting when one considers that the triple goddess appears in a number of different cultures. Within Greek Mythology, it is generally accepted that the three goddesses are Hecate, Persephone and Demeter. In “Theogony,” the three fates are attributed to being the daughters of Nyx-the goddess of night. The depictions of the fates also vary. In some works they are regarded as a single goddess. This singular goddess is known as Aphrodite Urania. She is also known as Moera and was seen as either the only or the eldest of the fates. It may also be that Aphrodite is part of a Triune with Hecate.

Most art picturing the Moirai shows them as being essentially humanoid. However, their shadow counterparts, the Furies, are typically shown as having the wings of the Lilitu. This would, again, tie back to Lilith. Interestingly, much like the “Good Folk” moniker of the fey, the Furies were known by the ancient Greeks as “The Kindly Ones.”