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Online Threats & Negativity

On the apartment comment, I couldn’t tell if they are saying they are watching me or that it wasn’t me and they like my book trailer. Either way, I am putting it here since I am not sure what is being said and whatever went down with the two guys was weird.

The one mentioning Z.E.U.S. claimed to be a “yellow-eyed” vampire (as well as Zeus, William Shakespeare, and Juliette) who lived in Illinois but thought he belonged in California. His life theory was that people should get fit and then take themselves out early to reincarnate fit and attractive–which makes zero sense. Then you are constantly only having a few years of life and not learning. Since he is still alive, he clearly does not actually subscribe to that philosophy. During one conversation, he said I tested him while he slept. That was Eve (possibly in the guise of Brittany, Sadie, Caroline, or Laurie). He does not believe in Eve. He has no ancient knowledge. He is also not an actual vampire, but is a threatening human and so his message is here. (Watch his group–they aren’t the only ones but they use “u” instead of spelling “you.” It is seen in both messages.)