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Fisher Kings

So here we have the Fisher Kings. Some of you may have read the many books about a sacred bloodline to Jesus, but where did that notion come from? Well, first we need to visit the Merovingians before hopping over to the lines of King Solomon and King David.

The real indication that the psychic kings of the Merovingians may be tied to the King Nahshon. The name, “Nahshon,” means foretold or one that foretells.. So either he was foretold or he could foretell–neither of which was permitted within the Abrahamic religious texts. So were the kings of Judah and eventually Israel something different than what history tells us? Let’s look at two other names of their kings.

So what line are these Fish(er) Kings and Merovingians protecting? It is my assertion in my novels that it is a mer line. This is further evidenced in the seals of the Royal or Noble Merovingians and even in the name of other Kings of Judah.


Mer (Sea) is even in the word, “Merovingian.”

The 8-spoked depiction of the oldest known Ichthys resembles not only the Buddhist Dharma Wheel, but also a ship’s wheel. One could also interpret this to be similar to the 8-pointed star of Ishtar/Venus/Aphrodite.