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The Nicole Club

In one of my alt/times (past lives), I was trapped on the island of Japan. While on the island, I designed shoes and clothing. I worked within a large textile library that had ancient fabrics stored in archived stacks. The shoes prototype were later found in that warehouse and launched as a shoe brand (without my willing consent). 

While on the island, I met several other women named Nicole. This surprised me at the time because the name was not common in Europe or the U.S. and definitely not common in Japan.

I decided we should start a “Nicole Club” to get together and talk or hang-out. In the aether realm, people born with the same first name are often bound in some way. That has waned in the last 30 or so years but I felt a kinship and instant friendship with them. I thought we were all on the same page (one even got this coat made for me but then kept it). I should have been far more wary.

But back then, we briefly had the club.

It ended with my “death.”

I had no idea that the group had been completely orchestrated, as had our meeting.