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Jinkers, Jinkies, Jinks, & Jinx

It is my absolute assertion that companies and creators have been illegally watching/observing, coercing, and stealing from me for centuries for their creative content. They have no permission to do this–nor do those observing us and selling the ideas or concepts as their own.

An astute person will see how many of these stories seem to be repeating themselves, based on the same characters, etc.

As you can see below, it is not seen how “Jinks” or “Jinx” are related. However, if you are from Newfoundland, it is part of their lexicon.

The closest two of the creators got to Newfoundland was being born in New York. None have mentioned the origin of using “jinkies” for Velma and none mentioned a family from Newfoundland or any connection to Newfoundland.

Some of my family, who were from Newfoundland, also lived in New York and eventually settled in Passaic, Clifton and Orange, New Jersey.

So, from their perspective, Velma always saying “Jinkies” was actually cursing the characters.

But you can see that “Jinks,” “Jinkers,” and “Jinx” are all related for a Newfoundlander and that a child might then say, “Jinkies.”

Unless you are a fisherman from Newfoundland.