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Before adding any information about Inanna, there are two points I wanted to highlight.

1) With the “lil” and “itu” of the names Mullil and Mulliltu, it is theorized that they are derived from a word meaning “pure,” or the verb to “purify.” This would again illustrate the concept that those traditionally seen as dirty or untouchable are actually “clean,” while the others are the “filth.” There was clearly some kind of paradigm and numbers shift that changed those concepts and essentially flipped them.

This adds to my theory that Lilith (of the Lililitu) was the favored and that is even as a demon. It was the human, Eve, who was unclean and considered filth.

2) I was discriminated against as a teenager for the curvature of my toes. Whether they were a trait of werewolf-blood or not was not discussed. The vampyre assessing me said I was of the lil and, therefore, dirty and evil. Etymylogically, this is not true. In hindsight, his being a human-hybrid and eager to establish his own power and wealth is likely the true motivation for that attack on my vampyre species and our nature.