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Red Riding Hood

The heir of Red Riding Hood is of both a natural-born vampiric and werewolf line. It is the lineage of the red fairy and red queen. She, as it has always been a female, inherits a blood-red cloak. Since the heir will likely be quite petite, the cloak hits about mid-leg. There are no holes for the arms but there is a hood. It is smooth to the touch, like a silk. The cloak is infused with magical properties that can only be used and utilized by the true heir. Due to circumstances in my past, a group of individuals threatened to destroy the cloak. In order to prevent this, I had to relinquish ownership. My insistence that the cloak was an heirloom and had to be returned to me was met with the hood being cut off and the body of the cloak made into an outdoor patio umbrella. Photos of the cloak, as it looks today, are posted here. This is after 30 years of being outside. It now sits in the backyard of a house owned by someone I knew in Ohio.