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Isis & Hera

As more ancient documents and artifacts are discovered, the origin stories and relationships of the gods and goddesses will likely change somewhat. 

This is true with a theory that God’s wife was edited out of the Bible. It is believed that her name was Asherah and she was the equivalent of Astarte, Ashtar-Chemosh, Ishtar and Aphrodite.

If other mythology will be equally impacted, then my theory still stands that Hera (notice that Hawa-the name of Eve-is very similar to that of Hera) was a human.–Isis-Egyptian-goddess

A similarity between Artemis and Hera is the symbolism of hanging.  As I have linked Anukhet and Hestia to being human, it is my theory that Athena and Hera were also human. Athena was also virginal and Hera is noted in myth to have a human form.