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Cowboy Poetry

Erne Fanning was married to Kay. Kay is the sister of Donald Rosenberry and Donald Rosenberry is married to my grandmother, Mary J. Rosenberry. Cowboy Poetry is popular in Nevada, particularly Genoa. Erne was very well-known in the the cowboy poetry circles and had a deep love for the Nevada landscape. Although Erne has since passed away, Kay and her brother Frank still live in Nevada.

Genoa was one of the first settlements in the Nevada Territory.

From Wikipedia regarding Genoa, Italy-The city’s modern name may derive from the Latin word meaning “knee” (genu; plural, genua) but there are other theories. It could derive from the god Janus, because Genoa, like him, has two faces: a face that looks at the sea and another turned to the mountains. Or it could come from the Latin word ianua, also related to the name of the God Janus, and meaning “door” or “passage.” Besides that, it may refer to its geographical position at the centre of the Ligurian coastal arch, thus akin to the name of Geneva