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Connected to the Goddess, Oviri, might be the root of the surname, Vere. Spelled as “viri,” the Latin meaning is “man.” This is distinguished from other words meaning “beast” or “god.” The name “Vere” is similar to “wer” or “were,” which also means “man” or “human.”

So here we might have some ties to the name “Green” or even Goidel Glas. If nothing else, the word is connected to the color.

Another interesting tangent is the maiden Kore. A synonym for Viri is Kare (with a long e).

Revisiting the concept of Eve being an animated or re-shaped object, coupled with the possible etymological connection between Kare and Carrion, it is not difficult to see why the vampires in “Only Lovers Left Alive” referred to humans as “zombies.” There is a double meaning involving lifestyle and origin story.

The word, “virin,’ also shares etymology with “viri.” In Aromanian, “virin” means poison. This would be similar to “halahala,” which also means “poison.” And adding a “g” to “virin” gives you the word, “virgin.” This brings us back to the concept of Hestia/Artemis/Kore/Mary as the virginal keepers of the hearth and home.

And following “vere” to this point, we see that the word means far less about actual seership or medium capabilities as the related “hula” means prediction but as a guess.

The word “hala” also meaning wine could be connected to the Catholic sacrificial use of wine in mass but in Hindi there is some possible association with this being a black mass. Additionally, this could be connected to the Bacchial summoning of spirits or sex magick as another meaning of the word means to summon.

So who, or what, is being summoned? Perhaps the invisible spirit known as Ala, since it is also spelled Hala. Lilith was likely blamed for this beings behavior.