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Witch of Whidbey

I first moved to Whidbey Island when I was in third grade. My mother and step-father lived on the Naval base and I attended Clover Valley elementary school. One of my sisters was born in Oak Harbor and both of my sisters graduated from high school there. I attended Oak Harbor Middle School, Oak Junior High and Oak Harbor High School. Later I briefly attended Carson High and a couple others, but ultimately graduated from McQueen in Reno, NV.

Over the years, I spent time off and on as an island resident. While on the island I worked for Sno-Isle Library and Island County. I moved from the island in 2004. 

When I left Wicca, I formed my own covens in Reno and became a witch queen. Some hived off and joined a magician/high priest who was in Reno.

I also briefly joined his coven and titled myself the Witch of Whidbey. That is where the title of my book comes from. He later tried to take the title and stop my ability to use it. The female I knew as C. in Carson City moved to the island shortly after graduation even though she had never been there or heard about the island before meeting me.

The first two Witch of Whidbey books are not about me or my life but rather are a fictional account of the death of Isaac Ebey and how that affects a woman’s life in modern times. A character based on me is introduced in the second book and continues in through the third.