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The Blonde

Aside from Nicci, my grandfather has always called me “Blondie” and my nani jokes I am “his blonde.”

When I turned 17, other females did heavy spellwork on me to affect my beauty and features. Part of this was my hair. By 21, that included the color, thickness, and fullness. My weight (and impulses) have also been affected.

Now that I am awake, I consciously reverse all of those spells and reclaim what was mine from birth.

I have always been a natural baby blonde with golden highlights and naturally slender, but curvy. Throughout my life, my hair has never been anything other than blonde and it is a light blonde. I had to highlight it during my late 20s and 30s but have stopped coloring it in any shape or form for years now. This became even more apparent during a trip to California. I spent most of the time indoors or in a car but my hair naturally lightened–at the root–whether it was the change in environment, the sea, the sun, or other kindred, I cannot say, but my hair has once again started to change to darker and my weight increasing without exercise or dietary changes. My house plants have also started to die again so clearly magick is being done against me and my household once more. I reverse it all back to the sender.