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Why the pop culture references in some of my links? First, they are relevant for seeing patterns of folklore and names being used. Second, I already detailed how a human was made administrator of the vampyre records. She breeched the system and, for a sizeable sum, she released our information to gaming companies, movie companies, scriptwriters, etc. Want proof? I don’t have it other than to say most of my story is centered around 1991 and that is the same year that a popular vampire role-playing game was released.

Now you know where and how they got their stories and mythologies. My hope is that a bulldog journalist will force the hands of these “creators” to reveal their true sources. Also, my fourth-grade teacher was Ms. Jane Hagen out of California-connect the dots. And if you compare my timeline to theirs, I married for the first time in 2004 and met my second husband in 2010. The outside timelines often match events in mine. It may seem farfetched but it relates to my story and is what it is.

And especially coming from 1991, I would like to see all of the exact books (authors, titles and publication dates) they used for their mythologies, source files, notes, etc. because any resemblance to the modern internet did not exist. To locate source material, do the research and build that complex of a mythology back then would have been quite the undertaking-particularly in their development timeline.
Since I know exactly where it came from, I have absolutely no problem issuing that challenge. The concepts of “discovery” and “burden of proof” in lawsuits can be a beautiful thing.

The vampyre culture was appropriated, our records and my life stories were stolen for profit and humans have proven themselves more than willing to lie and plagiarize for personal success. It is also why I so heavily document my creative work and sources on this website. I could have just developed a neat website and been content writing vampire fiction. I will still do those things but I will also shed light on what was done to me and what was stolen by humans.