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A Tale of Nancy and Lou

(War and Loss)

Back in World War II, our kind called the Nazis, Nancy(s). It was a way of talking about them and their operations without setting off alarms. The name was not common in Germany so when English spies picked up on the use, it was later revealed.

Werewolves and Vampyre suffer heavy losses in every war as most have the same source. During World War II.If we were kept secret, how were we targeted? Because those who knew who we were exposed us. Also because we had hunters among the Nazis (including those of Eve, Eva, and Ava). And we were the crooked. Our features are not symetrical, nor are our bodies, so we did not meet the ideal of perfect “Aryan” beauty , height, and symmetry. Some say the Italians were urged to join the war by Eve’s faction to help bring her darker skin under the Aryan umbrella. At her palest, Eve’s skin in a darker olive color to light brown and so she can easily pass as a Northern Italian if she stays out of the sun. With a bit of sun, she looks more Sicilian or Hispanic. With lots of sun, she can turn the darkest of the human hues found in Africa.

A large number of vampyre and werewolf were gassed along with humans and others.

From there the werewolves were turned into experiments and the Nazis attempted to make them controllable. They also used humans as lab rats in an attempt to give them the attributes of vampyre and werewolf. Both kinds were torn apart to see what the exact differences were in the species. These experiments would continue into my life as well.

During the war, when we spoke of our kinds, we referred to them as Lou (as in Lou-Garoup). There was a well-known vampyre named Lou so some became confused. We then referred to vampyre as Ed/Ed’s (as in Dead) and the werewolf as Lou’s. These two names became almost mythic characters on the streets of European countries as everyone wanted to know who Nancy, Ed and Lou were. Some figured they were code words. The French would have picked up on us using Garoup but Lou was a common name, especially among the Italian so they figured we were talking about Mussolini or fascist Italian troops.

While our numbers were not as deeply impacted by the Korean War, it was the Vietnam War that clued us in to what they were doing. Albeit too late. If you go through the rosters of the dead, you will see scores of similar family names. This is because the draft was not random. In my story, the draft was intentional and focused on family lines-particularly of werewolves. They said it was due to there not being enough females but any females born were taken and killed. Also them targeting our actual kind was one thing, but they were eliminating any males of the extended human lines as well.

It was the continued extermination at the hands of hunters, hunter families, and the work of Eve/Adan.

Worse though is that we also found out it was the work of our own hybrids in conjunction with the humans. This makes even more sense considering Eve hated both werewolves and vampyre. She was the model for the character Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So it is logical that she would help fill the hybrid ranks with hunters.

Until my foreign language skills improve or return, someone would need to translate this for me. However, from what I recall, this was a re-enactment done based on actual footage from 1942 that was later seen by witnesses. It depicted a female wolf who had escaped a camp. The soldiers caught up with her in the woods and shot her. The footage was postmortem and was later taken or lost. We believe it is being held still since governments and private collectors amass this type of collectible. However, it is also possible the footage was destroyed. I remember being outraged that such footage was even taken and that it was very disrespectful. I was in the minority opinion among vampyre.