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It is also said that Eve cried tears of pearls when she had to leave Eden. But was this Eva or her predecessor, Lilith?

In my story, The Goddess Aped, the place known as Atlantis was actually part of South America, near Antarctica. It was during a time pre-ice age when travel to Northern Europe would have been easy. Once the flood came, those of Atlantis spread to the south seas, inland South America, Mexico, North America, Siberia, China, etc. Human trade was quite common and the vampyre and werewolf held positions of honor but were often turned against by the humans. And there remained a supernatural bloodline being sought throughout time and space.
If the ceremonial burial in Britain is 25,000-29,000 years old, then it would be contemporary with the triple burial on the continent. That burial also used red ochre but only on parts of the body. This could indicate a shared religious belief/funerary practices or migration of people to or from Britain at that time.

One of the gifts I develop in Gold ‘n Silver is that of a necromancer. A few of my friends and I briefly raise the dead to ask them questions about a crime, and a necromancer heals parts of my body after a brutal attack. What if Mary Magdalene was a necromancer as well? Perhaps it was not a gift or ability she was even aware of but she is present when Jesus returns from the grave. The red ochre could have been placed on the body for a resurrection. And, if taken into the wrong hands, the ochre would only be placed on those parts still deemed pure or what someone could afford.

However, red is also the color of the vampyre.