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Lost Pages

I started my Junior Year at Carson High, moved to Oak Harbor about a month later, and then moved to Reno shortly after Jesse died. I have records for Carson High as a Sophomore, Oak Harbor High, and McQueen.

After we got to Reno, my step-dad had been renting an apartment that I was considering taking over so I transferred to Wooster. About a week after starting, I was called down to the office. I walked into the counselor’s office and there stood a blonde girl, about my size. There were two adult women in the room with us. The counselor spoke, “She could pass for her. Or at least pass for a cousin.” They wanted me to show the girl around. I agreed. Before leaving the office, the other woman told the new girl, “Follow her around. Do exactly what she does.” No one explained what that meant and I never bothered to ask. I went back to my desk only to find my wallet had been stolen. Finding that I wasn’t going to rent the apartment after all, I left the school shortly after and transferred to McQueen.

With the exception of a week or so stint at Reed, for which there is no documentation, I stayed at McQueen until graduation.

I guess I didn’t learn the lesson over the wallet though because my purse was later stolen from under my desk at McQueen when I accidentally left it after Geometry. Inside the purse was my wallet, keys, a large piece of Moldavite, and a small Emerald my dad had given me. I only got the keys and wallet back after I begged for a teacher to help me. They truly did not want to. Later, I found the empty purse in a school trash can.

I remember going with Taryn that same year to have our school photo taken. Our last names both started with “A.” We weren’t in the same grade, but I recall going to the school for them. I don’t have my Junior-year photo. I have my Sophomore year photo and I never submitted my Senior one to the yearbook, but there is nothing for Junior Year.

From what I can remember, I had taken part in as many activities as I could during Junior Year at McQueen. I am not in any of the team photos.

In fact, there is not even an entry for my name in the Junior yearbook. Were it not for my diploma and transcript, there would be no proof that I ever attended school in Reno.