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In my books,  The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, there are a number of beings that comprise a council of guardians. The being represented by Huwawa is actually an amalgamation of several. So why are they attacked? Eve and Adan (or the beings claiming to be them) have exerted that they now control the forests along with their wild men. A hint that Eve and Adan might have been switched can be seen in Fairy tales-particularly Red Riding Hood in which the grandmother has seemingly changed. While the reader knows this is just a costume, could it be that the Underworld is not what changed Adan but that he is actually still trapped there like the story of the angel suspended from the middle of the earth (Odin).

When we do not concede to their demands or will to power, they look to the belts (girdle) that allow our kinds to wear the “skins of humans” (meaning look like humans/temporarily turn into humanoids) so that they can then look like us.

Over time we had to develop the physical and magickal ability to do the same without the belts as Eve and her kin hunted them down.
The image of Huwawa reminds me a bit of the Creeper creature in Jeepers Creepers.