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Freon 113

Eve’s kind had come here once before. It was not sure whether they were here to defend humans or her. Whatever their purpose, Eve felt empowered. She had gone back to the ship and then a deluge of slime fell to the earth.

For days we tried to contain the dark red ooze in buckets and cups but more fell throughout the day and night. As it fell on the timbers of the house, we could hear the creaks. Taking a broom to the slime, we pushed it away just to find that it was eating away at the wood. Even the bristles of the broom were lost to it.

Eventually we were able to get a storage container to throw the buckets of ooze into. One of us had gone to the nearby military base for assistance. It took them hours to analyze the sample we provided but days for them to finally arrive with a solution.

In the meantime, we had tried to use fire. Not only did fire not contain it, but the material seemed to conduct the heat. While it was not hot to the skin, the wood beneath it could easily light under the heat.

We then tried ice and even dry ice. Nothing could stop it.

When the truck arrived, the driver explained that the military had been experimenting with Freon for space exploration. They had found that parts of the shuttles and ships were unable to withstand the temperatures generated from the booster rockets or speed the craft needed to reach. The Freon was being used to insulate certain parts from that impact and retain the integrity of the ship.

Here the Freon would be used to flash freeze what they were calling a sentient slime mold.