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Kindred often have many houses or rent their homes in order to keep flexible and move quickly. The reason is usually due to awful neighbors or landlords. Often this is just because the humans do not like living near Kindred or they want the property for themselves or a friend/relative or they are jealous.

Here are just some of the examples of what has happened in various cities.

Bellingham, WA

  • The neighbors kept their radio on full blast with bass even when not home just to annoy me.

Lacey, WA

  • A neighbor in another building let their pit bull out and I was bit on my hand when it tried to get to attack my dog.
  • The next door neighbor brought homeless people home, was doing drugs, and her boyfriend puked outside of my bedroom window.
  • I moved to a different complex. My bras started disappearing out of the laundry.
  • The neighbor (maintenance woman) liked her music loud.
  • Apartment sometimes looked like someone had been in it.
  • A new neighbor downstairs stopped me and asked if I thought it was weird that I didn’t know any of my neighbors? I said no. He did not both to introduce himself or ask about me.

Olympia, WA

  • A neighbor’s teenage daughter came over after a fight with her mom. She stood at the door to tell me she needed to know what to do. Then she quickly left, was best friends with her mom again, and they soon moved.

Reno, NV

  • Not a neighbor experience but a tree fell on my car and people would go through our trash.
  • In a different complex, a neighbor caught a man peeping through our windows.
  • At a complex near Moana, a couple of young women said they would attack me physically if I didn’t pick up after my dog. They didn’t pick up after the dog they were walking.

 Oak Harbor, WA

  • A neighbor and her son were stealing wood from my back yard. I saw them one night as they walked by the window.

Beaverton, OR

  • An elderly woman called out to me while I was taking my dog for a walk. She said she had fallen. I got her inside where she then seemed fine.

Portland, OR

  • My neighbor plugged a freezer into our electrical unit without asking and then told us the extra charges to us were no big deal. The freezer was eventually unplugged and she started plugging in a treadmill she kept in her garage. Her friend, (the neighbor across from us) convinced an electrician to add a fuse box to our electrical box so that her treadmill and the communal dryer could be billed to us.
  • She started sitting in the window to watch us. Hung mirrored moons over the chair she was sitting in and had lots of astrology books. It seemed like she might be working on psychic development similarly to how I did when I was younger. The plant near that space started to die. It revived when we moved.
  • That same female neighbor urinated on our porch twice. It was caught on security camera.
  • With that same neighbor–one night I was coming home with my surfboard and I heard a guy say, “did you just get home from your surf trip?” I turned around and he said, “oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were Hillary.”
    • In my story, she wasn’t even supposed to be touching water, but she certainly wasn’t a surfer and didn’t have a board at her house. The most we had ever seen was her having snowboard gear.
  • Same neighbor asked us to call the police and file reports on people she found threatening or disturbing.
  • We took some bins down to the basement storage. I heard the father of her baby go down and come back up to say, “it is just clothes.” He later commented to my husband that he had great toys. He couldn’t have known that without going through our garage/storage and our stuff. We put a lock on the storage.
  • She asked us to move a new wicker loveseat from our yard space. We had it near our garage for less than five minutes. It was then stolen.
  • A bookcase was also stolen from outside our garage as we were shifting the space.
  • Her child was often unkind to mine. They had to stop playing together.
  • My underwear started to show up torn to shreds in the dryer.
  • My car was towed and the tow officer hinted it was the owner who called it in. The law requires a landlord to inform the tenant before a tow. No notice was given to me. Neighbors acted like they didn’t know who the car belonged to even though I had lived there for a decade and had the same car.
  • Someone also put a “hot foot” in front of the driver side of my car.
  • I was using some red brick dust when the neighbor (who later lived directly across from us) told me she knew what I was doing with the “cayenne pepper.”
  • That same neighbor later wore a “BM” sweatshirt and “Lady Shriner” sweat set that I had when I was in Reno as a teenager.The “Lady Shriner” set had been given to me and then taken away by an ex when I was around 17. I had my husband text her about it and she said it was a joke for Halloween and there was no such thing as a Lady Shriner. I believe they were dressing up as me for Halloween–particularly since she died her hair bleach blonde and was from Arizona.
  • The neighbor from Arizona was also friends with both men who were outside the apartment in January 2018 and the neighbor right next to us worked with one of them. Neither neighbor was on the sidewalk talking to these men. When I walked by, one of them said, “is that her?” The other one shook his head. I am not sure what other female they’d be waiting for since they knew both of my neighbors personally. However, they might have been looking to see if I was awakened. It was about 5:30 in the morning and I ended up stepping in dog sh*t while trying to navigate what the heck those two were doing just standing there. With all of that on my shoe and mind, I then had to go to work.
  • Our security cameras picked up both women talking with a man from Ocean City (not sure if the city or the restaurant) and he said that Netflix was a good alibi. I am not sure why he would think that but whatever. The point is they were on the porch discussing murder.
  • Our security camera also caught the neighbor from Arizona telling a stranger how to pronounce my child’s name.



Strangely, although my car had been parked in front of our garage for a couple of years, “someone” called it in on July 29, 2022 for blocking a garage. That garage was tied to our apartment that we were currently renting. By the beginning of September, the appeal process had taken so long and fees were so high that my car was towed. The ticket was later reduced to zero. Interestingly, the building immediately went up for sale.

Our property manager came in twice to take photos–with our belongings inside. Humans are EXTREMELY nosy. They competitive and judgemental over nonsense like decorating. We have no interest in how they decorate but they like to spy on us and then copy.

No notice was given to us about the sale. We only found out because some strangers in the courtyard asked about it and mentioned the building was listed on a real estate site.  We had hoped this meant the new owners (our third set in less than 3 years) would just continue with a lease.

The property was purchased in December 2022 and the new owners also came in to photograph the rooms and our belongings twice.  This made ZERO sense other than to copy us, get a sense of our style, or apprise themselves of our assets–as a month later, we received an eviction notice. There was also a vacated unit that was nearly identical to ours and another one that came vacant shortly after. There was no reason to photograph our home or our belongings.

We were told that the property was being refurbished and they needed us out by mid-April. The apartment my husband had lived in for two decades was gone. I had lived there for ten years and it was the only home my child had known. However, it was infested with spiders and mold. The 1950s stove had eaten through the burners and I had never seen the original landlord. My father had to install security lights in 2018 as there were none and crime in the area was significant. It was time to move on.