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Quantum Leap

A trait of some of our kind, including me, was to be able to “leap” into the body of another and see through their eyes to check on each other or assist each other. This was later twisted by humans and others to force us to endure their pain or complete accomplishments for them.

We were NEVER meant to do this for humans or others. It was usually a result of trickery, emotional manipulation, threats, intimidation, etc.

In my story, one female in California demanded I do this for her despite my being in school myself. This often resulted in me looking flighty in school or needing to be absent.

Although few cared about the ramifications to me or even to themselves, the accomplishments in the Book of Life/Book of Death were logged for me and thus made a situation where the human did not fulfill their own fate and instead accumulated mars against them for the intimidation/demands.