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True Name

Werewolves are born and then later given a sacred name that none other-even themselves-shall utter.

It is only recorded in their scroll.

This is why…

Here we have a (human) female witch desirous to be equal with the God Ra. In my books, this is Eve being referred to as the Goddess Isis. Using the invisible asp, she poisoned Adan Adam (Ra) and is the only person able to cure him because it is her curse. But her cure comes at the price of ultimate control over him.

This theme is repeated with Moses and Goidel Glass, as well as in my own life.

Werewolves would often be known by a forward-facing or “common” name used for interacting with humans and others. Vampyre have a similar practice.

This was later adopted by individuals like Eve (“goddess with ten- thousand names”/”queen of a thousand names”) and indigenous people.

“Skin” has a sexual connotation among werewolves. But there are others (such as those of the demon and gargoyle races) that actually take on skins of humans to shield their identities.

Using the term “skin name” would be similar to the use of the word “skin” for their “skin bag” which is the human skin that contains their inner wolf or fur.

Werewolves tended to be less literate than vampyre and humans, so they were often taken advantage of. Their culture rarely required the use of reading or writing so it was not a priority. They also did not often come into contact with anyone who could or would teach them.

Most of their history was not able to be extracted or stolen for role-playing games because:

1. Werewolves are fairly isolated and keep away from human and human-hybrid populations.
2. Their scroll information had not been loaded into the database that was breached.
3. Much of their tradition is oral and thus not passed down to individuals who are not pure-born (blood) werewolves.

 However, it is my understanding that this has or is changing.