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Golgotha & Aphrodite

It is believed that Emperor Hadrian built a pagan temple on top of the temple at Golgotha and dedicated it to a Roman goddess. While Aphrodite’s name was used interchangeably, I have seen the name Venus used. In my books, The Goddess Aped and The Lost Whore of Babylon, the dedication to Venus was actually a dedication to Eve and, therefore, an insult to the line of Adam, including Jesus. Had it been a temple to Aphrodite, it would have been to honor him and the line of Adam and Lilith. Now scholars believe that the temple may have actually been to Jupiter/Zeus. This may have been the assertion that the true “King of the Jews” is God and the Romans see God as Jupiter. So in my books, the temple is dedicated to Venus and Jupiter.

When Constantine becomes emperor and converts to Christianity, his empress and mother, Helena (in my stories still the famous Helen of Troy), has the temple destroyed. This would make the most sense if there had been some reference or dedication to Aphrodite since there was a rivalry between the too. Also, it would continue Eve’s practice of being both mother, sister and wife to the pharaoh/emperor/leader with whom she wishes to be co-leader.

Another tie to Aphrodite would be Helena’s time spent in Cyprus and the relics of Jesus said to be held in a monastery founded by Helena. Oddly, she also imported a thousand cats from Egypt.

What is the connection to Eve? Bastet is the Egyptian goddess linked to cats and she is often seen as the equivalent to the “virgin” Goddess Artemis. These are continued attacks by Eve against Lilith.