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Werewolves of Mexico

In my book, Gold ‘n Silver, a native male named Old Bird accepted me into his family. His people were originally from Mexico and when the events of 1991 happened, that is where he returned, along with Monkey. A short time after, as it was believed that my powers were gone and we were going to be tracked/experimented on or killed, “Greg” decided to leave and join them.

I was last in Mexico in 2010 but, through his efforts, I briefly met with Monkey. As part of my trip, I also went down to Chiapas to see the ruins of Palenque and bring donations to the Zapatista caracol of Oventik. San Cristobal de las Casas is one of my favorite places.

If there are werewolves remaining in Mexico, they need to be protected-NOT HUNTED.

The werewolf and vampyre are not natural enemies. It is human involvement and manipulation that creates these conflicts. Both kinds should consider the quality of their leadership if the video below truly happened and, if it is fake, why no one is monitoring popular culture. For the leaders of our kinds-step up your game. You are not human. Stop defaulting to human methods and standards.