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Messalina the Mad Vampire

In my story, I asked them why they didn’t invite me. A whole group of males and a few of their girlfriends went. “We thought the play was about you. I mean, it sounded like it was about you and that is what we heard. We didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” I told him that they had changed it to vampire but Messalina was known as a she-wolf and Messalina was Eve.

I found a photo of the premier in an online auction.

She had been known in modern times to also be called Valeria/Valaria.

Even in her incarnations and embodiments, Valeria (Messalina) , Eve was still barren so her children were born to wet nurses, surrogates and mistresses to her husband(s).

In my books, the following account of a competition between Messalina and a prostitute is true. However, no male can actually have intercourse with Eve. First, her genitalia is similar to that of the female vampire of the series, “Tokyo Vampire Hotel.” It is expansive and lethal. She also has not interest in having sex with other beings. So she called on Aphrodite to win the bet. Also, the prostitute she went up against was a male, not another female. There was another female there but the bet was also against Dionysus.

Messalina is very similar to another term tied to Eve through Artemis, the Melissa, and even a take on the name Melussina.

Eve employed another weapon against me in Gold ‘n Silver that she had done before in Pompeii when she embodied Venus. She wanted me erased.

Like Eve, Messalina was heavier-set as she aged and had dark, almost black hair. In Gold ‘n Silver and American Flats, she manages to switch body shapes with me to try to make herself thinner but she ends up distorting that figure and making it too thin. Both Eve and Eva dye their hair blonde but the black roots quickly show through.

Obviously, another tie to Eve is the depiction of Messalina as the Virgin Mary. As well as the reference to Messalina as a she-wolf. The reader might recall that in my story, The Goddess Aped, Adan Adam is a werewolf and so Eve has taken to calling herself a she-wolf. This theme follows her and Adan Adam throughout Europe. Not only is Rome (one of Eve’s favorite cities) the source of a story of a she-wolf but Messalina is said to have referred to herself as a she-wolf. This would be in contrast to Lilith being known as a vampyre but also the consort of a wolf (Adan Adam). This theme would continue through stories like Little Red Riding Hood-the small blonde wearing vampyric red and being accompanied by a werewolf.

Eve’s hatred of vampyre and Lilith is apparent even in modern literature.

Strangely, however, the embodiment of Aphrodite had to pose for the final internment statue of Messalina at the emperor’s request because he did not want to have to look at a depiction of Messalina’s real body, as it was seen as undesirable. While the original was mysteriously destroyed, it is said that sculptor Eugène Cyrille Brunet made an almost exact duplicate-with some modifications-at Eve’s request.