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One side of my family are named Miller and hail from Scotland. Another part of my family are named Milleria and they moved here from Sicily.

My great-grandfather, Sebastian Milleria, had lived in Palermo, Sicily. He and his parents moved to Omaha, Nebraska and he became a barber.

At one point he traveled back to Italy and while in Rome tried to find the history of his last name. While my great-grandmother found information on Di Lorenzo, he could not find anything. The heraldry office suggested that perhaps as the Di Lorenzo name, the Milleria family might have actually started in England.

Within nature, there is the Milleria Moth.

The Miller Moth (Acronicta leporina)  has black crescent-shaped markings-much like my mark. However, any type of house moth has been come to known as a Miller Moth. Thus Miller Moth is sometimes considered or referred to as a pest and that is why some humans have come to call me that as well. However, the moth that does damage and is considered the pest is of the Cutworm (Euxoa auxiliaris) species and particularly the Army Cutworm. These tend to gather in large numbers and are more of a nuisance than a true threat as they do not do any actual damage.

The moths that do damage are those that eat clothing, carpet and food. This includes common clothes moths, case-bearing clothes moths, brown house moths, and white-shouldered house moths.

There is also a Milleria flower/plant that is related to the Daisy.

Women named Margaret/Marguerite (also a common name in my Roe/Miller families) are often nicknamed Daisy.

And my great-grandfather (Milleria) named the family dog Daisy. His daughters are named Mary Jo and Rosemary.