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Think of the term “antediluvian” as being “before the deluge.” It describes the time between the fall of mankind and the flood of Genesis.

How does the antediluvian age relate to Mormons or anyone else?

First, it refers to the time of the storied great sea kings and fabled Fisher King. This is tied to Atlantis and the keepers of the Holy Grail.

Note that these are circumstantially supported theories. As such, the “evidence” may be scattered (non-linear), based on myth and, at times, even found to be fabricated. However, like many myths, the stories are usually rooted in some reality. Much of the substantiation for these theories was lost to time and war, stolen by churches and governments and some are sitting in the homes of wealthy collectors. One has to remember that over thousands of years, there were scrolls found and destroyed. Upon the advent of the printing press, many books were published but they were typically out of the hands of the poor. This means that knowledge would remain where it had through the ages-with the rich, powerful and/or “holy.”

Some may remember that the Mormon church was embroiled in an ancient document scandal when it was discovered that they were unknowingly buying forgeries. But this is a high stakes game that does hold the potential to legitimize some faiths, regimes and bloodlines while undermining others. It is also the reason why wealthy collectors buy lots of Medieval art. Within the tapestries, paintings, sculptures and even ceramics are stories woven with threads of the truth and even secret messages.

And, as they say, knowledge is power.

Next, some of those stories and their related details are found in religious texts.  This would appeal to the Mormon church not only because it is extremely “young” as a faith, but they would also be looking to scriptural and documented history to substantiate the origins and beliefs outlined by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

Babylonian Antediluvian Kings

Antediluvian Cities

So, once one has secured power through knowledge and legitimized that power either religiously (tracing their church to the true heirs of the Christian tradition, or secular (tracing their bloodline to the Merovingians and securing the necessary abilities to show royal lineage), what is next? Perhaps to then continue to show the true superiority over the other humans.