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Modern Eve

In my book, American Flats, I come into contact with Eve again. While she tries to tell a sob story about her life, it is clear that she has had a privileged life. She was loved by her adoptive family and a popular cheerleader in school.

She was the inspiration for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

One of her nicknames is Evie and there is a book named after her that is all about the elimination of vampyric influence.

Eve is obsessed with my vampyre husband. And even nicknames herself Evil to match him. He is also attracted to her and finds it impossible to decide between us. Using magic, she binds him to several of her “daughters,” human and hybrid, as she has every lifetime. Under her influence, he feels powerful, connected, and loved. Life for him is relatively quiet as long as she is getting her way.

What he doesn’t know is that she has vowed to defeat him and his divine protection once and for all.

However, Eve is no match for him or me and nothing will keep him and I apart.

Humans and werewolves are starting to see that she is no friend to them either.

How this will all play out remains to be seen.