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I wonder if this might be the actual location where the Biblical Jesus was crucified/sacrificed, where he was living/preaching, or where he received religious and legal advice on what to do about his situation?

Could he had been marked as a descendant or embodiment of the Egyptian god and. therefore, then to Adam?

With the etymologies of “hinnom,” we would first break down the etymology of “hin” and then of “nom.” Taken together, “hinnom” could mean the “fruit of the devil” or even “name of the devil.”

In association with archaeology at Ketef Hinnom, I came across the word “gadus.” In this, I am reminded of the god Seth/Set as he is often depicted as a donkey or “ass.” Another possibility in the etymology is “god” and “ass” meaning “goddess.” The etymology could also relate to “gadus” or a type of fish. But, even “gadus” can lead us somewhere very different.

First, the Ketef Hinnom is the shoulder of Hinnom. Is this the child held on the shoulder, the one who had the “ear” of Hinnom (especially given the context of bad counsel) or the “right hand” of Hinnom? There is also reference to secondary burials with relation to Ketef Hinnom and the priestly scrolls. Could this be the place where Jesus was buried or re-buried and not Joseph’s tomb?

And perhaps it was Annas or another high priest that gave Jesus bad counsel. But given that the Jewish people do not see the crucifixion as bad, I would guess the bad counsel was given to the rabbis or Romans who persecuted Jesus and helped set Christianity on the course for more popularity, rather than being squelched as a cult.

An anagram of Apulian is Paulian.

In the context of my book, The Goddess Aped, Eve holds the ability to attack the bodies of humans through disease. Over time, they nickname her the virus. And the areas she most often attacks are the throat/voice, the legs, the stomach/womb, and beauty. These represent the jealousy she felt over Aphrodite’s voice, her having sea legs and human legs, her stomach/womb and ability to reproduce and her beauty.

In my own life, one of the first organs of mine that was attacked was my thyroid. Eve got around our protections by using the accusations, lies, and magick of the vampyre, along with black magicians. In the end, she essentially made me curse myself. But in speaking it here, that is all broken.

Hopefully those who encounter Eve and her magician, will see through the lies as well and question her stories.

Often times, she used similarity. This probably stems from the dawn of time and her believing that she was identical to Aphrodite and, therefore, deserved all that Aphrodite was and had.

Sometimes she did this by creating titles or names that were very similar, while other times she would use actual homonyms, homophones and heteronyms to confuse people.