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Back in 1991 and 1992, there were individuals claiming to have abilities that belonged solely to vampyre, werewolves/wolven and natural-born witches. They called themselves the Real. A group of true blood-lined formed to contend with these genetically altered humans and were initially called the Tru, but given some conflicts with what that meant to the vampyre, the group began to refer to itself as the Very Real (VRL).

This was forced out of context by the Real and rumors started that the VRL was somehow tied to the ideology of racists or the WWII groups studying the concept of Vril. That was not the case. However, even back in the ’30s and ’40s, Vril meant pure energy (like Prana) and those WWII groups were trying to harness the energy for their own use–the same goal as the Real. Those of the tree are not “colorists,” meaning they do not judge others based on their skin color.

The term “racist” to a member of the tree would be one who believes in the superiority of their kind or holds a dislike/hatred for those of another kind; by kind, this would mean the vampyre race, human race, werewolf race, elven race, etc. We are not “colorists.” 

The VRL were, unfortunately, short-lived. The leadership of the VRL were labeled imposters, liars and fakes. Those who stood against us stood to make money from the sale of vampyre information and seizing power. At that time, our group took on the moniker of “e.” Some believed this stood for “ethereals,” “El/Elle,” or “eternals,” but it stood for “eon” (one).

As part of the related events, I lost my place and was cast out of the inner circle.

Further, those of my kind turned their backs to me.

In response to such claims, I continue to try to remember what I can and provide as much evidence as possible. This, in turn, may very well send the reader down a nice rabbit hole. My hope is the truth will emerge with them. In the meantime, here is photographic documentation of a small bit of the phenomena I have experienced.

Given that my memories have not yet fully returned, if you know anything about my story, feel free to contact me and share.

Out there, somewhere, is a Polaroid of me levitating.

Enjoy the hunt. Carpe Noctem!